The City


It is difficult to say much about the famous city of Paris that hasn’t already been said, but the coveted destination still possesses many secrets only to be uncovered by those most in-the-know. The city of art, the city of love, the city of food – there isn’t a lot this multifaceted destination isn’t renowned for. Whether you’re in search of a bustling nightlife, a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses hidden in the back of a thrift-store, or the world’s most delectable macaron, put on your beret and take a stroll down the winding roads of Paris where you’ll be sure to find it all.


Hôtel Amour

While in the City of Love, what better place to stay than at a hotel that truly embraces the Parisian penchant for romance. Located in the trendy district of South Pigalle, Hôtel Amour exudes an atmosphere of passion and quirkiness with an inimitable French bohemian twist. Each room is individually designed with vintage pieces, enticing artwork and photography, and beautiful coffee table books to delve into. Beckoning visitors with its cheeky decor, Hotel Amour is the ideal place to stay for a romantic getaway – a little warning however, a touch of raunch is to be expected!



Combining hearty American plates with impossibly stylish Parisian interiors, Ralph’s is a one of a kind restaurant in Paris. Opened by Ralph Lauren in 2010, here you can enjoy meats and seafood from Ralph Lauren’s personal ranch in Colorado specifically destined for the designer restaurant. The 17th century town house has been designed to evoke glamorous French stables – the perfect setting for a cheeseburger-paired-with-champagne kind of meal.


Hôtel Costes

Located in Paris’s most talked about hotel, the terrace bar at Hôtel Costes is renowned as one of the world’s best bars. The beauty and elegance of the terrace lies in the details of its decor. Designed by interiors legend, Jacques Garcia, the space emanates intimacy and opulence and one drink at Hôtel Costes is already a memorable experience. Pop in after a late meal for an unforgettably stylish end to any evening.