Imbarc's story


Imbarc is a website for worldly wanderers and creative thinkers. Sharing carefully curated content through a tailored lens, our mission is to encourage curious minds to reimagine travel.

We view travel and culture as two halves of a whole and that’s how we approach every Journey travel itinerary, every Visit city guide and every Scroll article and interview that we share with you on our platform.

We are built for driven, ambitious people who crave the next adventure. For those who value that touch of comfort and luxury, but more importantly who seek a sense of authentic connection with the culture of their destination. We cater to those individuals who want the opportunity to experience truly unforgettable travel experiences that will leave them revitalised and newly inspired.

Our clients don’t always have the time to search and filter through endless lists of travel recommendations available online, nor do they always know which ones they can trust. This is where Imbarc comes in. We compose curated, insightful and culturally-connected travel experiences around the world. We don’t just book a hotel and a flight; we create a full journey to immerse you in.

We know exactly what our clients want and need from a travel company because we were founded by the very same audience that we cater to. We won’t pick the top luxury hotel just because of its name or status. Instead we might suggest a lodge hidden in the mountains of Alaska, a ‘boutique bunkhouse’ on a remote island, or a campsite in the middle of the desert. Whatever we recommend, it will be because we know it and we know you’ll love it.

Everything you’ll find here is composed to inspire you to embark on your next adventure. Once you’re ready to start planning, our dedicated team of travel experts are on hand to help you, tailoring every piece of the experience based on your preferences and our combined decades of travel knowledge and experience.

Julie-Anne Uggla