OUR story

We’re reimagining how we explore our wild and wondrous world – care to join us?


iMBARC was founded in 2016 as a travel platform for worldly wanderers and creative thinkers. Sharing carefully curated content through our tailored lens, our mission was to transform the world of travel by handpicking unique and enriching experiences; ones that aren’t easily stumbled upon along the beaten path.

And then 2020 happened . . .

For us, it’s always been about reimagining travel. But in this changing world, that mission has taken on a whole new meaning. Now, travel means so much more than hopping on a plane and jettisoning off to your next holiday destination; it means discovering those stories that make our world the exciting and diverse place that it is.

So, while our mission remains the same, it now looks pretty different. We’re continuing to reimagine travel but expanding our ways of doing just that. For every city guide on our platform, you’ll find a list of international films that will deepen your appreciation for foreign cinema; for every travel story you see, you’ll also find our favourite podcasts to transport you to far-off destinations from the comfort of your living room.

Travel may be changing but one thing certainly won’t; our commitment to unearthing and sharing with you those compelling stories that will help you continue connecting with our big, wide world.

Julie-Anne Uggla