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Whether you are exploring the rich cultural mix of Northern Africa or going back to where it all started in the southern countries, a trip to Africa is always an eye-opening discovery. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, the continent's pride in its environment and wildlife runs through every part of life.

All of our Journeys are here to spark your imagination. Talk to our team to create your own unique adventure.

Imbarc Luxury Trip to Rwanda Central Africa
Starting from
Ideal Length
9 Days
Best time to go
Dec-Feb; June-Sept


From mingling with the communities in Kigali to coming face-to-face with Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, this journey to Rwanda was a remarkable trip that we won’t soon forget. 


Luxury Travel Itinerary to Tanzania Safari Adventure
Starting from
Ideal Length
Two weeks
Best time to go


A safari adventure across the Tanzanian savannah, this tented experience brings you up close and personal with some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife.