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The Cotswolds
Quintessential Country Charm

A watercolour painting come to life, this quintessential English district has all the makings for a reinvigorating rural weekend getaway. Leave the stresses of city living behind and enjoy a slower pace with our countryside Cotswolds itinerary taking you to the best hotels, pubs and nature walks in the area.



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The Cotswolds
South Central England
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Day One
Welcome to the Cotswolds

Ready, Set,...

Picture Perfect

As the sun sets, light makes its way across rolling hills and a blanket of fog hovers over glistening dewy fields… Welcome to the Cotswolds. A watercolour painting come to life, this quintessential English district has all the makings for a regenerating rural weekend getaway.

Swoon-worthy Scenes

Lakes by Yoo

As you drive off the main road and into The Lakes by yoo, hear the satisfying crunch of gravel beneath the wheels of your car. Step out, and say hello to your weekend home. The Lakes by yoo are luxury lodges and villas located in the stunning Cotswold Water Park – the largest marl lake system in the United Kingdom. They are design-led, one-of-a-kind lodgings and with all the luxury amenities you could possibly desire, they are truly swoon worthy. With interiors designed by Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Jade Jagger, you will find this tranquil space to be both impossibly stylish and perfectly homely.

Cosy Corners

The Angel at Burford

After settling into this evening’s lodgings, it’s time to enjoy a delicious hearty dinner. The Angel at Burford is a 16th century inn complete with a stone fireplace and cosy corners to nestle into. Offering quality local pub food, the menu uses seasonal ingredients to create plates bursting with traditional flavours.

Day Two
Local Delights

Top of the Morning

Village Life

The water laps against the shore as your bedroom fills with soft sun rays. Good morning, Cotswolds. Less than an hour’s drive north, located at the base of the Worcestershire hills, is the town of Broadway. With amber-coloured stone homes adorned with crawling vines and baskets of flowers on the window sills, this is the spot to start your Saturday. Before making your way into the town, stop into the Broadway Tower where you can overlook 16 counties from the second highest point on the Cotswold escarpment.

Local Produce

Broadway Deli

The fresh produce on display in front of Broadway Deli will bring you inside, but the impeccably curated café is what will make you stay. With a mouthwatering breakfast menu, freshly baked goods and locally sourced ingredients, this is where you will want to settle in for a leisurely brunch. We suggest you pick up dinner ingredients at the deli to enjoy a homemade meal at The Lakes by yoo later this evening. On offer are a range of savoury preservatives, cheeses, meats and breads.

Across the Way

Charmed Life

Take a stroll around Broadway and notice the colourful bunting strung across the stone houses. The streets are handsome and wide and the high street buzzes as locals go about their daily errands. Stumble upon a variety of art, book, antique and vintage stores. There are endless small treasures to be found…

Time for Tea

Lords of the Manor

Seductive manicured lawns alongside wild overgrown flora are the makings of a classical English garden. At Lords of The Manor, take a gentle walk through their distinguished green oasis then nip inside for a proper afternoon tea. Loose leaf teas, flaky pastries, iced cakes, scones and finger sandwiches are most enjoyed on the cushy couches by the windows.

Follow Your Path

Country Walks

The short but lush walk between Upper and Lower Slaughter is something special. Cross small footbridges, pass old watermills and walk along the babbling river. There are a variety of paths to choose from and you will be able to circle back to Upper Slaughter with ease.

Down Time

Light the fire, curl up on the couch and relish in the peace and quiet of your weekend home back at The Lakes by yoo. If you want to stay in for dinner but don’t feel like cooking, you can request a hamper full of delicious goods to enjoy in the comfort of your own place.

Day Three
And Breathe . . .

The Choice is Yours

The weekend is really about having the freedom to do whatever it is you desire. For the last full day on your Cotswold holiday, we have two options for you to consider.

You’ Time

Not only do The Lakes by yoo have stunning weekend homes, they have the ultimate list of activities and a luxurious set of spa treatments and amenities. Start the morning with a freshly-brewed coffee, a long walk and choose between fishing, sailing, canoeing or our personal favourite, treatments at the Orchard Spa. Read, listen and simply revel in all that The Lakes by yoo has to offer.

Not one for staying in one place? We’ve got you covered.

Baker’s Delight


Head to the Hobbs House Bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread and pastries billow out the door and down the street. Follow the aroma and you will not be disappointed. The bakery is in full swing, the routine shuffle, coffee grinding, milk steaming and most importantly, the subtle sizzle of pastries as they move from the oven to the counter for you to enjoy. Let your legs dangle from the stools at the window of the shop and look out on the town of Tetbury. With weekend markets, antique shops and little laneways, it’s a charming spot to explore.

Fields of Green

Country Sights

If you love country walks, you will be spoilt for choice in The Cotswolds. Spot cows grazing lazily and lookout onto seemingly never-ending fields. It’s a pastoral paradise. For a more manicured garden setting, head to the Rococo Garden. A quirky haven of tranquillity, it’s as if you are stepping back into an 18th century outdoor soirée.

Sunday Roast

The Painswick

No Sunday is complete without a roast. Before you make your way back to The Lakes by yoo, we suggest you stop off at The Painswick. Settle into the warm dining room with wooden floors and chic countryside decor. The Painswick offers classic cooking with a contemporary twist.

So Long, Countryside

Sunday Sign-off

As you make your way back to The Lakes by Yoo, take the time to appreciate the sounds and sights of the English countryside before saying goodbye to your weekend getaway.

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