Eco-Travel: Experiencing the world without Damaging It
How to travel sustainably Sri Lanka

Eco-Travel: Experiencing The World Without Damaging It


How can we minimise our carbon footprint as we travel the world to explore its endless wonders? It’s an important question that more and more people are asking, and for good reason.

At iMBARC, we know it’s not easy to balance a love for travel and a concern for the world we live in. But ethical travel encompasses a huge variety of different elements, so there are plenty of ways, both big and small, that we can all help. From small changes like travelling lighter and bringing reusable bags and bottles with you, to bigger decisions such as basing your accommodation choices on a property’s own ethical and environmental practices, there are many ways that you can alter your habits in order to travel more responsibly.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve pulled together a few tips from our own experiences to help. If you want to talk with us about building an unforgettable trip that minimises your carbon footprint, give us a call, our team are always happy to talk.

Our Top 5 Tips For Sustainable Travel

1) Travel consciously

So what does that mean? Unfortunately for us travel-lovers, flying is difficult to avoid. But how often do you really need to fly? It might seem strange for a travel company to suggest travelling less, but for us, travel isn’t about ticking off a checklist as quickly as you can just so you can boast about all the places you’ve been. Travel is about appreciating the endless different cultures, experiences, languages and people of this world. You can’t do that if you’re jumping from one place to the next constantly.

Decide what it is you truly want to experience this year. Maybe it’s to dive into a completely new cuisine, go to the food markets and take in the sights and smells, learn how to cook with new ingredients and taste homemade food served to you with a warm smile. Maybe you want to discover the wonders of the natural world and come up close to majestic wildlife, understand how they live and survive, and how we can co-exist with them as people. Make a conscious choice about what is important to you, and mindfully build a few true adventures (perhaps with our help!) that will leave you far more enriched and fulfilled than 20 quick flights around the world ever could.

2) Reject single-use

Maybe, like us, you’ve got your reusable water bottle, your keep cup for your morning coffee and your fabric shopping bags all ready to go when you’re at home. Why not bring them with you on your travels? It’s easy to leave our habits behind us when we’re not at home. Pack those bottles and bags and keep away from single-use plastics even on your travels.

3) Eat & drink local 

Embracing local cuisine is one of our favourite ways to make an authentic connection with a country’s culture. Purchase food and drink that is locally produced and hasn’t had to be transported from afar, and you will be supporting local businesses as well as minimising your impact on the environment. There’s really nothing quite like homegrown. 

4) Take to the streets

What do you plan to do each day when you’re away? If you’re after a peaceful escape away from the crowds, then perhaps a remote property far from it all is exactly what you need. But if you’re seeking the chance to embrace the hustle and bustle of a new town, or perhaps the ability to wake up every morning and head straight for the nearest coastline, then the location you choose to stay in can reflect that. Stay somewhere that means you can skip the daily drive and explore the streets and trails on foot instead.

5) Choose your hotel responsibly

Making responsible hotel decisions is becoming increasingly easier with the rise in eco-tourism and the growing number of eco-hotels being established around the world in beautiful locations. As well as operating sustainably, many of our favourite eco-properties give you the chance to learn about the local environment and communities including the challenges they’re facing and how you can help support them whilst you’re there.

No matter your priorities, when it comes to embracing more of this world, we can help you do it consciously, responsibly, and memorably. Don’t stop exploring, just do it with your eyes wide open.

If you’re interested in reading more about sustainable travel and living, read our interview with Riley Uggla, founder of ethical fashion brand Riley Studio, in which she discusses eco-travel and the importance of sustainable living today. 

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