Life in Lockdown: Home Workouts for Your Wellbeing
iMBARC life in lockdown - homeworkouts for mind and body

Life in Lockdown: Home Workouts for Your Wellbeing


Swapping our usual daily activities for relatively sedentary lives indoors, it’s crucial to our physical and mental wellbeing that we get our bodies moving every day. While now isn’t the time to be putting pressure on ourselves to lose weight or get fit, if you feel like you have a lot of pent up energy that you want to put to good use, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite gyms that are making it easier (and more enjoyable) than ever to workout from your living room with little to no equipment. 

From independent studios to big names in the fitness space, these companies are reimagining exercise during this lockdown and bringing that same serotonin-boosting activity straight to you.  Whether it’s a grounding yoga class or a strengthening HIIT session that you’re in the mood for, this list has you covered.

iMBARC life in lockdown - homeworkouts for mind and body - Equinox gym


A company synonymous with luxury fitness, Equinox is using their digital platforms to keep bringing their famously effective classes to you. Follow them on Instagram and check out their IG TV for their slick high-energy strength and cardio videos led by their world-class instructors. 


Flow Hive Yoga 

An independent yoga and meditation studio based in Perth, Western Australia, Flow Hive Yoga is one of our favourite (currently digital) destinations for when we’re in need of some calm and mindful activity. The classes are live and can be booked online. See their Instagram page for links to the schedule. 1:1 private sessions are also available if you want a more bespoke practice.


Blok London 

BLOK London is hands down one of the coolest fitness studios in London. As sad as we are to not be able to visit their industrial-chic spaces in real life right now, the encouraging instructors are continuing to bring you classes from the safety of their homes to yours. From bum-burning barre classes to high-intensity cardio workouts, they are offering a huge range of classes to keep your body active during lockdown. Check out their Instagram for live classes which are available for 24 hours. 



East-London based yoga and dance studio, Tripspace is loved for their down to earth and community approach to all of their classes. As well as offering live yoga classes that can be booked on their website, they are now recording all classes allowing TripYoga members to watch a class for 24 hours after it’s been streamed live. Head to their Instagram for more information on their schedule and how to book your class.


Yoga with Adriene 

For those days when you don’t feel like getting your heart racing, Adriene offers an amazing selection of yoga classes with different focuses and levels of intensity. During this lockdown, we’re particularly enjoying her ‘Home’ series – a 30 day (free) yoga program, perfect for adding a bit of structure to your weeks when the days feel like they are blending together.

Yoga with Adriene – Youtube Channel


You do not need a Peloton bike to make the most out of their fantastic app. Giving you access to thousands of live or in-demand work out classes, the super slick interface and videos immediately transport you from your living room to your ideal workout studio. For your daily hour of outdoor exercise, the app also offers a running function with GPS tracking, a library of playlists and in-ear motivation from Peloton instructors.

Tip: Users who sign up by the end of April can get 90 days free use of the app.


Keep it Cleaner (KIC) 

Australian based company Keep it Cleaner was founded by best friends Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw. As well as the huge range of classes and healthy recipes that members have access to, KIC invites you to find motivation in their international community of like-minded people with similar goals to yours. There is a membership fee, so if you’re not quite ready to commit yet, they are also offering a ‘virtual gym’ free to access by anyone on Instagram.


The Body Coach TV

If you’ve got kids at home, you’ll want to check out this Youtube channel right away. As well as offering a broad range of short but effective workouts (most of the videos are between 15 to 30 minutes), Joe has started  ‘P.E with Joe’, a series of videos targeted at children who are missing out on their usual daily physical activities. A truly inclusive channel, Joe also has a series dedicated to home workouts for seniors, encouraging the elderly to keep moving with a safe and thoughtful approach. 

The Body Coach TV – YouTube Channel