Life in lockdown: Home Comforts & Little Luxuries
Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries

Life in Lockdown: Home Comforts & Little Luxuries


For this week’s Life in Lockdown post, we want to spread the love to those businesses providing little luxuries that can help to make your home feel more like a haven.

These are anxious times for all of us and although cosy cashmere sweats and a scented candle aren’t going to make all of your worries disappear, they may help to bring a bit of peace and comfort – and if you’re supporting a small business or charitable brand, maybe even a sense of community at the same time.

Our Life in Lockdown recommendations are aimed at supporting businesses who need support during these trying times, as well as spreading the good news about brands who are doing their small part in tackling this crisis.

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Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - Riley Studio

Riley Studio is a female-led lifestyle brand with a focus on sustainability. From their environmentally conscious and socially responsible production methods to their gender-neutral approach, the brand celebrates humankind’s community – something that we are all finding hope in during this crisis. Their collection of loungewear and essentials are the perfect WFH wardrobe to keep you feeling your best self while keeping comfy. They are currently offering free global delivery on all orders.

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Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - Nursem hand cream

All of this hand washing is great for our health but not so great for our skin. If you’re suffering from dry and cracked hands from vigorous washing, look no further than Nursem. Co-founded by paediatric nurse Antonia, the hand creams and washes are designed to protect skin from the damaging effects of constant hand washing. For every product sold, they promise to donate a month’s worth of free Nursem to a nurse or midwife to help them continue their vital work across the country without this unnecessary discomfort.

SOUL MATÉ YERBA CO.Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - Yerba Mate

If you’re anything like us, your daily tea and coffee intake has more than tripled during this time at home. A warm drink can be so comforting, but what if it could be energy-releasing, mood-lifting and health-boosting too? Founded by Ana Goldseker, a plant-based nutritional counselor, Soul Maté Yerba produces and delivers this green superfood internationally. A herbal drink that is known for its anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties, it is made from all-natural ingredients sourced from Argentina, India and Japan.

111SKINImbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - 111Skin

We have always loved 111SKIN for their high-performance and results-driven skincare. They are a favourite for keeping skin refreshed on long plane journeys, and during this lockdown, their serums and facemasks are the ultimate at-home treatments if your skin is in need of some TLC.

During this pandemic, we’ve been inspired by their acts of kindness and gratitude to our NHS staff. In support of our frontline heroes (many of whom have developed skin blisters and sores from their protection equipment) 111SKIN have been donating their luxury skincare to hospitals all across the London.

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Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - damson madder

Well, it’s official. The sun is out and spring is well and truly here. Just because we’ll be spending these glorious days indoors for the foreseeable future doesn’t mean that we can’t embrace the sunshine with our fashion. Independent and sustainable fashion brand, Damson Madder specialises in floaty pieces that will make you feel like you’re strolling across open meadows, even if you’re just lounging on your sofa. All pieces are made from 100% recycled materials and natural dyes.


Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - aequill

Aequill is all about balance. Their collection of artisanal candles and fragrances are designed to help you ‘burn brighter’ and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. There’s no doubt that the pace of life has slowed down dramatically. Let’s try to embrace this and lean into the peace of having nowhere to be but at home. The candles are all lovingly hand poured by founder, Jintana and her team and blended with essential oils for calming and mood-lifting effects.


Imbarc Life in Lockdown Things to Improve Isolation Little Luxuries - society6

Brighten up your walls with some artwork from Society6. Home to hundreds of thousands of independent artists around the world, here you will find incredible and unique home decor and art pieces to add life to your space and lift the mood whenever you walk into it. The creative industry is one that is taking a particularly hard hit in this pandemic, and supporting spaces like Society6 is an amazing way to show your love for these artists and creatives.