Reimagining travel in a global pandemic

Reimagining Travel During a Global Pandemic


Dear our community of travellers, readers, collaborators and contributors, There is no denying that we are living in troubling times. The COVID-19 crisis is one of unprecedented nature and with none of us knowing what the future will bring, there is an ever-present sense of uncertainty which sparks inevitable (and entirely rational) fear. What it also ignites however, is opportunity. 

While the devastating effects that this pandemic will have on people around the world must never be underplayed or overlooked, it is also critical that in times like this we do not lose our hope. A hope for a better future, a better community and a better world. And in the early stages of this crisis, it is uplifting to see some of these hopes already beginning to be realised. 

We have watched as neighbours have banded together in their communities, offering aid and (virtual) companionship to those most vulnerable. We have seen global camaraderie, with countries sending doctors and supplies to areas most in need. We have even seen the environment start to rebuild itself as the air quality in China increases dramatically and the canals in Venice magically turn clear, encouraging dolphins and swans to return to the waters. 

For the lucky among us, policies of self-isolation gift valuable time to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. We have the rare opportunity to complete a puzzle with our children or siblings, binge watch the series we’ve had on our Netflix watchlist for months, read the books that have been collecting dust on our bedside tables and cook those recipes we’ve bookmarked through the years. At a time when our lives are dominated by the pressure of outward production, this crisis is inviting us to travel within.  

And that’s where we see our role in this new normal. At iMBARC we want to help you continue to travel – from the safety of your own space.


This virus does not discriminate. The world has been shaken to its core by the devastating effects of the pandemic but the travel industry, alongside many others, has taken a particularly big hit. But rather than despair, we’re choosing to adapt. 

We’re reimagining travel in a time when physical voyages are not possible. We know that the joy of travel isn’t physical, it’s mental. It’s the joy of being inspired by new, exciting and different things; people, landscapes, cultures, languages, rituals and cuisines. And we’re lucky to be living in a time when these can all be accessed at our fingertips. 

During these difficult and uncertain times, we’re inviting you to continue travelling with us. We will be publishing new kinds of travel guides. Ones that introduce you to books, films, articles, songs, recipes, art and activities that will take you to far off destinations and bring you the same awe and wonder that a new journey would. And when we are able to get back out there and continue discovering our planet, maybe we’ll do that with a whole new perspective.  

Long Live Curiosity. Love Live Wonder. Long Live Travel! 

The iMBARC team 

“We are all waves from the same ocean” – Words from a Roman poem that were written on the boxes of medical masks that China sent to Italy.