Top 10 Luxury Eco-Friendly Hotels Around The World

Top 10 Luxury Eco-Friendly Hotels Around The World


Travelling sustainably doesn’t have to mean sacrificing luxury and comfort. In fact, on our many adventures we’ve found that some of the most memorable and outstanding experiences have been at eco-friendly hotels where there is real harmony between the hotel, its surrounding environment and local community.

Around the world the travel industry is quickly responding to a growing demand for eco-tourism and luxury accommodation options with a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites. From incredible electricity-free beach resorts lit only by candle light, to nature reserve lodges that organise awe-inspiring educational outdoor adventures, these remarkable eco-hotels prove that sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive.

No matter what kind of luxury holiday you want to embark on, there’s an eco-conscious choice for you. Get in touch with our team of travel experts to enquire about crafting an eco-friendly holiday at one of these unforgettable destinations.

Our Top 10 Luxury Eco-Friendly Hotels

The One for Romance: The Azulik, Tulum 

With no wifi or television on the resort’s premises, distractions are limited at the Azulik Hotel and you’ll be welcomed to really connect with your partner and the glorious rainforest landscape all around you. The 48 spectacular villas are wood-crafted using locally sourced materials and blend in without disturbing the lush green surroundings. Respecting the ecosystem in which it lives, the hotel carries out multiple eco-conscious practices such as replacing water-intensive showers with artisanal bathtubs and not using any electric light on the property – instead you’ll find your way through the sprawling labyrinth of villas either by natural sunlight or in the evenings, by candle light.

The One for Nature Lovers: The Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Part luxury eco-hotel, part cutting-edge research station, you’ll find the extraordinary Mashpi Lodge in the depths of the Mashpi rainforest reserve. Founded by passionate environmental activist Roque Sevilla, the Mashpi Lodge is at the forefront of conservation in the area and invites guests from around the world to witness the incredibly rich biodiversity of the region. This isn’t just an environmentally-friendly hotel, it’s entire reason for being is to protect its natural surroundings. While staying at the lodge, you will be encouraged to embark on explorations with local experts who will teach you about the eco-systems and conservation initiatives in the area. If you have any particular fields of interest, let our team know and they will be happy to organise a bespoke experience for you during your stay.

The One for City Slickers: 1hotel Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

The 1hotel group is one of the leading names in eco-tourism and sustainable travel and seeks to reshape the way that the tourism industry approaches environmental responsibility. All four of the hotels in the group, including the sleek 1hotel by Brooklyn Bridge, strive to be eco-havens within their bustling cosmopolitan locations. They are founded upon five sustainability keystones which address environmental impact with smart energy, advocacy & education for their employees through volunteering, conscious initiatives such as a plastic reduction programme and carefully selecting responsible food and beverage suppliers for their restaurants.

The One for Peace and Quiet: Fogo Inn, Newfoundland

Perched on an island overlooking rolling waves crashing against the rocks beneath it, the Fogo Inn on Fogo Island is a truly unique eco-hotel in Newfoundland that offers a heavenly refuge from the monotonous day-to-day of modern life. Featuring rooftop hot tubs and wood-fired saunas, the striking award-winning building was built using sustainable materials and with the greatest consideration and respect for the wilderness around it. Today, the hotel is fully integrated with the island’s society and reinvests 100% of its operating surpluses into the local community.

The One for Gastronomy Gurus:  La Granja, Ibiza

A 10-acre farmstead in the peaceful inlands of Ibiza, La Granja boasts a relaxed and rustic-chic farmhouse where guests are invited to experience the pleasures of slow food. Agrotourism at its finest, during your stay at La Granja not only will you dine at the farmer’s table where you will tuck into Mediterranean bounties grown and reared on the farmstead, but you will also take part in a programme of local rituals where you will learn about communal farming, sustainability and the slow-food movement.

The One for Adventure Seekers: Trout Point Lodge, Nova Scotia

A luxury wilderness resort and hotel in UNESCO Southwest Nova Scotia Biosphere Reserve, Trout Point Lodge is among ten of the National Geographic Society’s most innovative and sustainable travel programmes around the world. The serene and secluded resort is built from natural materials and implements a wide array of technologies, policies and programmes to ensure that it meets the highest of standards when it comes to sustainable geo-tourism. From kayaking and canoeing to fly fishing, 4x4ing and mountain biking, at the Lodge you’ll have countless opportunities to get your heart racing and adrenaline soaring out in the wilderness.

The One for Rest and Relaxation: Can Marti, Ibiza

The luxury accommodation equivalent of a self-care Sunday, Can Marti is a traditional white-washed finca situated on 42 acres of land far away from the bustling crowds that come to Ibiza during the summer. Boasting a natural pool, hammam, yoga studio and farm, Can Marti is the ideal eco-hotel to come to if you’re in need of some R&R. The beautiful guest house is centuries old and has been lovingly and consciously restored for ultimate comfort. The electricity and hot water here are generated through the use of solar panels, and the wholesome food comes straight from the onsite farm providing fresh and delicious dishes for all guests.

The One for Spectacular Scenery: The Singular, Patagonia

Located on 100 acres that line the Fjord of Last Hope in Puerto Bories, The Singular, Patagonia looks out onto breathtaking dramatic views of snow-capped mountains hugging the sparkling inlet. The one-of-a-kind hotel is housed in an old cold storage warehouse that has been thoughtfully restored and renovated by the 4th generation of the same family who settled in the area over 100 years ago. The restoration was carried out with the utmost care for the environment with regional materials used and much of the original construction remaining in place. The hotel uses smart systems to reduce energy and water consumption and most recently, has partnered with Chile’s National Forest Corporation in a reforestation scheme in the surrounding area.

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The One for Travelling with a Furry Friend: Hostal Grau, Barcelona

It’s not always easy finding sustainable travel options in the middle of a city but Hostal Grau in Barcelona, Spain is a real gem. A pet-friendly bolthole (one of only a few in the city), this welcoming hotel prides itself on its sustainable practices such as responsible energy use, extensive recycling, upcycling and repurposing old furniture, encouraging eco-transport such as cycling around the city and reusing its grey water to nourish its feature plant wall.

The One for Art Enthusiasts: Jackalope Hotel, Australia

Staying in one of the 45 uniquely designed dens that make up the Jackalope’s lodgings is a dream-like experience. Set in the romantically rural wine region of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Jackalope Hotel is a hotel cum art gallery which has prioritised environmental responsibility from the very beginning. The architects took sustainability into account at every stage of the design process, from the choice of building materials to the inclusion of smart systems like the multiple tanks to collect rainwater for use onsite. Today, the hotel integrates a number of eco-friendly practices into its day-to-day running including carrying out 100% of its water and sewage treatment on site and using solar panel energy for the majority of its electrical and heating needs.

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