Unique Treehouse Hotels Around The World
Best Treehouse Hotels around the world

Unique Treehouse Hotels Around The World


Above image courtesy of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

The magic and whimsy of playing in treehouses doesn’t have to fizzle out when you grow up. Relive the days when imagination ran free at these spectacular treehouse hotels that take unique accommodation options to whole new heights.

From traditional tree-top huts and contemporary eco-conscious pods to surreal mirrored cubes and stylish rainforest lofts, we’ve compiled our favourite treehouse hotels around the world.

Our Top 7 Treehouse Hotels Around The World

Playa Viva | Mexico

A spectacular eco-conscious boutique resort in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Play Viva is a breath of fresh air in a destination that has become infamous for mass tourism. Situated a comfortable distance from the centre of town, the coast on which Playa Viva is situated is still relatively untouched. The jewel in the crown of the hotel is undoubtedly the striking thatched-roof treehouse suite overlooking the azure ocean below. Perched six feet above the ground, the luxury treehouse is surrounded by palm trees and boasts a king-sized bed, private bathroom, unobstructed panoramic views and living space with an in-floor hammock. Playa Viva prides itself on its low impact ethos and eco-friendly approach to the running of the hotel.

top unique treehouse hotels around the world - Arctic Hotel
Image Courtesy of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel | Finland

Soak up the extraordinary Lappish landscapes at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel located in Rovaniemi, Finland. The hotel offers guests a curious juxtaposition of the slick Scandi interiors and the wild untamed forests that the treehouses look onto through floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior design is inspired by the cool and natural tones of the Finnish forests and exude a cosy, nest-like ambience, perfect for relaxing in after a day of exploring the outdoors. Boasting breathtaking views of the Arctic Circle skies, the beds in the suites are perfectly positioned to look out for the elusive northern lights.

Top Treehouse Hotels Around the Worlds
Image Courtesy of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Treehouse Utopia | Texas

Located in Texas Hill Country, at Treehouse Utopia you’ll feel as if you’re in the depths of an enchanted forest. With four uniquely designed and themed treehouses across the grounds, Treehouse Utopia fully embraces the whimsical nature of this unique lodging style. From Bibliotheque (which as the name suggests, evokes a library-style interior) to Chateau (an option with castle-inspired architecture), the hideaways exude character and are perfect for those looking for something a bit quirky and different.

Unique Treetop Hotels around the world - Treehouse Utopia
Image courtesy of Treehouse Utopia

Primland | Virginia

Located on the beautiful Primland grounds in the lush green mountains of Virginia are three idyllic treehouse cabins that offer guests a restorative lodge escape surrounded by nothing but nature. The three one-bedroom treehouses – Barn Owl, Cooper’s Hawk and Golden Eagle – are secluded from the rest of the resort and built into treetops on a mountain looking down on the thick forest canopies. It’s all about the simple luxuries in these rustic wood-panelled mountain cottages. Expect plush king-sized beds, nature-inspired amenities and expansive private decks to spend mornings and evenings soaking up the surroundings.

top unique treehouse hotels around the world - Primland Hotel
Image courtesy of Primland Hotel

KA BRU Forest | Brazil

An architectural wonder, KA BRU Forest is a stunning luxury treehouse loft built in the Atlantic Rainforest. Blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, the treehouse loft is largely open, looking out onto the jungle canopies engulfing it. Crafted from demolition woods, the eco-conscious construction of the villa is just one of the ways in which it pays respect to its majestic natural surroundings. With a fully-equipped kitchen, open-air rainforest shower, yoga deck and private pool, this treehouse has everything you’d ever want from a luxury treetop bolthole.

Winvian Farm | Connecticut

An intimate charming cottage suspended 35 feet above the forest floor, the Winvian Treehouse is a romantic hideaway for those looking to escape into the New England forest. The two-storey cottage sleeps two people and has a king-sized bed, fireplace, steam shower, jacuzzi and large balcony. From hot air ballooning to yoga, the property offers guests a diverse range of different activities to enjoy on the 113 acres of property that surround the treehouse.

top unique treehouse hotels around the world - Winivan Farm
Image courtesy of Winivan Farm

Treehotel | Sweden

Escape the banalities of day-to-day life at the Treehotel in Sweden. With names like Bird’s Nest, Mirror Cube and UFO, this collection of treehouses is at the forefront of unique luxury accommodations and extraordinary travel experiences around the world (the chances are that you’ve probably come across one or two of these hideaways on your Instagram feed). With two saunas and a hot tub, the resort encourages rest and relaxation but also offers a range of activities such as dog-sledging, a zip line on-site and moose safaris for those looking for a more active trip.

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