The City

A Travel Guide to Paris, France

It is difficult to say much about the famous city of Paris that hasn’t already been said, but the coveted destination still possesses many secrets only to be uncovered by those most in-the-know. The city of art, the city of love, the city of food – there isn’t a lot this multifaceted destination isn’t renowned for. Whether you’re in search of a bustling nightlife, a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses hidden in the back of a thrift-store, or the world’s most delectable macaron, put on your beret and take a stroll down the winding roads of Paris where you’ll be sure to find it all.


Where to stay in Paris: Hotel Brach

Enjoy the City of Love, from Hotel Brach, a spectacular design-focused boutique hotel located in the 16th arrondissement. A former 1970s sorting house, the hotel has been transformed into a haven of contemporary luxury that will leave you wanting for nothing. The rooms are designed using rich wood panelling, marble, leather and metal – attention to detail is second-to-none. Beckoning visitors with its perfect balance of refined style and playful quirkiness, Hotel Brach is an ideal place to stay for an arty trip exploring one of the coolest cities in Europe.

Best Hotels in Paris

Hotel Henriette: A cosy and stylish boutique hotel located in the Mouffetard district that truly is a home away from home.

Le Bristol: A five-star family-owned luxury hotel with elegant, palace-like interiors.

Hôtel Amour: A quirky romance-themed hotel with playfully designed stylish rooms and an ambient restaurant and bar.


Where to Eat in Paris: Monsieur Bleu

Tucked into a corner of the Palais de Tokyo, Monsieur Bleu is an impossibly stylish and elegant restaurant situated underneath the Eiffel Tower and the perfect spot for an idyllic Parisian dinner. The interior is carefully designed to be both contemporary and stylish while maintaining a welcoming ambience. It is a restaurant that ticks every box - spectacular views, incredible atmosphere, delectable dishes and friendly service. We recommend the beef tartar and octopus to start, before diving into the menu specialising in fine French dishes. And be sure to make the most of the extensive wine list showcasing some of the country’s best wines.

Best Restaurants in Paris

Ralph’s: An iconic Parisian restaurant combining hearty American plates with elegant Parisian interiors.

Septime: A fantastic fine-dining restaurant with an ambient and warm atmosphere. Advance booking is a must.

Balagan: A friendly and vibrant restaurant serving Israeli-inspired dishes made with high-quality fresh ingredients.

L’Avenue: An upscale restaurant with a beautiful interior setting and stunning views of the Eiffel Tower. The mashed potatoes here are unbeatable.

Hôtel Costes: An iconic institution in Paris, the beauty and elegance of the restaurant and bar is found in the details of the decor and the dishes.



The Musée Picasso is housed within the beautiful Hôtel Salé and is one of a handful of museums in Paris that offer free entry to guests. With a collection that comprises over 5000 pieces by the iconic Spanish artist, the museum reopened in 2014 after five years of renovations. Take a walk around the extensive display that sprawls across three floors and be taken on a visual journey that gives you some insight into the creative process of this artistic master. After enjoying the museum, be sure to take the short walk to Place de Vosges - the oldest planned square in Paris. Boasting impressive architecture and gardens, this is the perfect place to pause for a moment of stillness and reflect on all that you have seen in just one simple Parisian afternoon. 

Best Things To Do In Paris

Palais De Tokyo: A world-famous space dedicated to showcasing modern art, it is one of the most fascinating art institutions in the city.

Musée Rodin: A museum showcasing the work of Rodin. Spend your time strolling through the outdoor gardens where the life-like sculptures bathe in the sunlight.

Stroll Down the Canal Saint-Martin: One of the trendiest areas of Paris, the 4.6km long canal runs through the vibrant Marais district filled with cafés, galleries and boutiques.


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