The City


Salamanca is one of the Spanish capital’s most affluent districts, and a haven for elegant fashion from both Spanish and international designers alike. Renowned for its famous Las Ventas bullring and home to the Fundación Juan March contemporary music and theatre library, Salamanca offers some insight into the life of Spain’s aristocrats.



The owners of Quintin have successfully fused a market, restaurant and bar into a gloriously unique combination of distinct and equally classy eating and drinking experiences. A trifecta greater than the sum of its parts, Ultramarinos is a vibrant eating space oozing elegance and providing tantalising flavours of food and drink. Burrata is a must-have from the menu, and the quality spanish wines will keep you there for far longer than you intended to be.



Nestled seamlessly amongst the beautiful white brick terraces of Madrid’s “Golden Triangle” of art, and opposite the world famous Museo del Prado, the Ritz Madrileño lies on hallowed ground. An introduction to the qualities and allure of The Ritz as a lodging place is superfluous, its architectural and geographical backdrop providing reason enough to stay in the world-famous Belle Époque palace.



Having been through multiple phases of transformation and expansion since its genesis as a royal retreat several hundred years ago, El Parque del Buen Retiro is now one of the largest parks in Madrid. With manicured gardens, swan inhabited ponds and majestic fountains, it offers a welcomed break from the city centre’s hubbub.