The City

A Travel Guide to San Sebastián, Spain

Known by locals as Donostia, San Sebastián is a true gem of the Basque country. Protected by rolling green hills and located on the crystal blue Atlantic ocean, this elegant seaside resort is the perfect getaway for culture vultures, gourmet fanatics and of course, swell-seeking surfers. Stroll down winding roads lined with stunning Belle Époque architecture, treat yourself to delectable pintxos and head to La Zurriola beach to watch the surfers or catch some waves yourself.


Where to stay in San Sebastián: HOTEL MARIA CRISTINA

Embodying the aristocratic history of San Sebastian, Hotel Maria Cristina is the perfect luxury abode from which to enjoy the city. Located just a few metres from La Zurriola beach, the hotel captures the city’s glamorous past with its sumptuous furnishings, marble floors and ornate chandeliers. For a truly regal experience, book the Royal Terrace Suite with two of its own terraces offering stunning views of the river and the city.


Where to eat in San Sebastián: PINTXOS

Yes, San Sebastián has an impressive star-studded constellation of Michelin star restaurants ( 7 of them holding the maximum three stars!), but the true pleasure of dining in this seaside city is the fantastic Pintxos that can be found on every corner. A Basque version of the Spanish Tapas, Pintxos are delectable bursts of flavour showcasing the deliciously rich flavours of the region. Start your Pintxos bar hopping at Sirimiri Gastroteka. A cosy pintxos bar in Calle Mayor, this restaurant displays their gorgeously appetising selection made from the best of the local produce. Please and prepare your palate with an order of Gilda – olives, green chillies and anchovies.


Bodegón Alejandro: A very special tucked-away restaurant serving a delightful Michelin-Star meal in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Gerald’s Bar: If you need a break from the traditional pintxos, this restaurant serves fresh local produce with a international twist.

Mugaritz: Considered one of the world’s best restaurants, Mugaritz offers a truly unforgettable experience with dishes that will surprise, delight and confound you.



Located in the heart of Donostia, Monte Urgull boasts the best panoramic views of the city beneath it. Start your hike at the Old Town at the end of the port. Walk along the stunning promenade and start to head up through ‘The Priest’s Promenade’. As you reach the summit you will discover the Castillo de la Mota. Dating back to the 12th century, the castle ruins hold an eerily quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Perched on top of the hill watching over the city sits the 12m high statue of Christ of the Sacred Heart from which you can look down and enjoy the spectacular views beneath you.

Best things to do in San Sebastián

Basque Culinary Center: A centre of food innovation, this centre was set up by some of the regions leading chefs with the goal of developing the culinary sector in the Basque.

Parque Cristina Enea: A jewel of the city, peacocks roam freely around the grounds and colourful buildings in this special park.