Lying just south of Sicily, Malta gets more than three hundred sunny days a year – if it’s a holiday of sunshine you’re after, it’s a pretty safe bet. Boasting sparkling clear blue waters, breathtaking coastal cliffs and an impressive array of picturesque caves to discover, the island is every sun-seekers dream. But this small European island has much more to offer than just glorious weather. Travel back through Europe’s history as you stroll through the cobbled streets of Mdina and Valletta and indulge in deliciously fresh, locally sourced mediterranean meals as the island enjoys an exciting resurgence in the food community.



Nestled in a quiet part of the cosmopolitan St George’s Bay, The Corinthia Hotel is perfectly situated to ensure a relaxing stay, with excitement within an arm’s reach. Combining old-fashioned elegance with contemporary coastal charm, the hotel boasts six swimming pools, a water sports center, a luxury spa and eight restaurants to satisfy every taste – from al fresco pre-dinner snacks a fine dining meal. With outstanding facilities and a team of incredibly friendly staff, it’s the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful island.



Loved by locals of the island, The Harbour Club offers a buzzing atmosphere, friendly service, delicious plates and of course, unbeatable views of the historic fort St Angela, which lies across the harbour. The menu is comprised of seasonal and local Mediterranean dishes with a French influence, complemented with a carefully curated selection of wines. Order like a local and try the Pappardelle Veal Ragu with white truffle and asparagus – you won’t regret it!



For a quintessential Maltese experience, venture into Valletta and take an evening stroll down Strait Street. Here you will be greeted by Malta’s signature balconies and colourful doors, accented with the famous door-knockers borrowed from the Old English architectural tradition. This much-loved street is frequented by tourists and locals alike, offering a delightful array of quaint cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Stop and enjoy an aperitivo or experience Maltese cuisine at one of the many bars or bistros where you will find yourself enamoured by live music and warm hospitality as you gain insight into life in Valletta over centuries past.