Fervent in climate, population and culture, New Delhi is unmitigatedly beautiful. A trip to New Delhi wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of the city’s many markets. Thrilling, vibrant and bustling, these markets are the pulse of the city and are a treasure trove of goods from fabrics and handicrafts to local delicacies and handmade jewellery . Here are three of the co-founders of fashion label, Talitha, Shon Randhawa and Kim Hersov’s favourite markets in the city.


شنکر مارکیٹ शंकर बाजार

Shankar Market is comprised of more than 150 shops and stalls spread over two floors. The fabric that makes its way to Shankar comes from all over – Odisha, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and beyond. Located centrally, it also has a healthy number of antique books in several of its more established stands.


چاندنی چوک ਚਾਂਦਨੀ ਚੌਕ चाँदनी चौक

The market at Chandni Chowk dates back to just shy of 400 years ago, as an epicentre for traders and merchants in central New Delhi. With the famed Red Fort of the Mughal dynasty in its boundaries and within walking distance of Delhi Junction, the historical gravitas of The ‘Moonlight Square’ alone makes for an incredible experience. If you can drag your eyes away from ogling the surrounding architecture, there’s also the matter of a seemingly infinite array of stalls – selling sweets, delicacies, textiles, literature, jewellery and spices – to meander your way through.


نظام الدّین درگاہ निज़ामुद्दीन

Outside the mausoleum of Sufi saint, Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya, lies a sprawling throng of stalls and food vendors from the extended New Delhi muslim community. This tightly-knit set of local residents are welcoming, lively and –most importantly – serve up amongst the most exquisite dishes of curry in the entire city.